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The image above is generated by the Canadian Meteorological Center and
provides a 48hr forecast for astronomical viewing. Click on the image for
more info.

The image above displays water vapor in the atmosphere. High amounts of
water vapor adversely effects astronomical viewing. The dark area's contain
low water vapor. Unisys weather can be found at

The images above display US, regional and local radar. Click your
browser's refresh button or F5 to update these pages.

NOAA weather radio for the Cedar Glen area can be found

Cedar Glen, California Weather



The image above is looking south-west down Hook Creek and will update every 5 minutes. The weather dials will also update every 5 minutes.
The CGO's current weather is generated using a AcuRite Pro 5-1 color and can be found at
Weather Display uploader software is used to generate the weather info. above and can be found at